Multimedia Audio Video Interface

The MaVi software package was meant to be a Multimedia Audio Video Interface for AmigaOS systems. The following description is a cut from the original readme:

MaVi (Multimedia Audio Video Interface) is a system enhancement
which handles many different formats (like Quicktime, AVI,
FLIC, GIF-Animations, WAV, AIFF, IFF-Audio, VOC and much more)
in the same way. It gives access to simple replay (Movieplayer)
and is internally build to help developers to support all of
this formats (and more in the future).


Gregor Wöginger, who invested time and labor to track down the original authors of MaVi, got the permission to publish the last commercial version of this software package, now declared as freeware. Sadly enough there were no sources or original binaries available anymore. So Gregor searched for people who might still have the original (orange) disk set of the last commercially available version 2.0. And found me. After sending Gregor the disks (packed as ADF) he published them at Aminet.


• Hans Raaf – original author of MaVi – for his kind permission to publish the software and declaring it as freeware.
• And of course Gregor Wöginger for his unweary dedication.


MaVi Version 2.0 from Aminet, the Update patch to Version 2.1 from Aminet, too.