Composite Composition

Shattered View

While testing my rotten original software tapes I were really bugged by the compelling bad quality of the ZX Spectrum TV output. Did we really sat hours and days of our life in front of this?

My old but sick Issue Two ZX Spectrum already had something called a „composite mod“ which leads to a much more stable and clear view. To be more precise: it’s the additional composite mod while the real composite modification is technically somewhat more ambitious to implement. I must admit that this old mod was at least sub optimal: the cinch connector is the cheapest someone can imagine and the signal transmitting „lead“ has a diameter of max. two horse hairs with no shielding…but hey, it worked! And you can still use the TV/UHF output if it is necessary.

Eye Strain Easing

Implementing a additional composite output to my ZX Spectrums seemed to me minimal invasive and – of course – easier than the full mod. So I soldered – in contrast to my old ZX Spectrum – a much better signal cable with a appropriate diameter and good shielding to the boards and HF modulators (the latter for ground/shielding). Further I used a higher quality cinch connector that I found in my spare parts box. While still some miles away from a perfect display output the ZX Spectrums now generate a much, much better visual presentation.

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