MihPhoto snapshotMihPhoto is a touch-friendly image viewer. Original from Mihai Paslariu, for more information look here at Qt-Apps.org. This is the AmigaOS port, following parts were changed or adapted:

• Implemented/fixed scaled folder view.
• Fixed bug in closeEvent handling.
• Fixed bug for exif/jpeg recognition.
• Fixed extension filters.
• Changed default settings for non-multitouch environment and start view size to 1024×768.
• Target binary and resources now in „PROGDIR:“.
• Added stack cookie.
• Created AmigaOS Glowicon set.

Happy touching, this is for any forthcoming AmigaOS tablet… 🙂


• Thanks to Mihai Paslariu for this touchy tool and sharing it’s source under GPL.
• Alfkil, you did the incredible, thanks for porting Qt!
• Used software (code): Assistant, StormC5ED, CubicIDE; (graphics): IconEditor, ArtEffect.


1.0.10 (22. August 2013)
• initial release of AmigaOS port.

1.0.10a (23. August 2013)
• fixed some file name extension related bugs.

1.0.10b (25. August 2013)
• fixed/implemented proper thumb scaling.


Here or from OS4Depot.