Brothers and Sisters

Additional Plus‘

After I learned that my original ZX Spectrum didn’t bear the 25 years of no operation too well, I still wanted to test the rest of my ZX Spectrum peripherals, my software tapes and ZX Microdrive cartridges.

Thus I decided to look for a replacement board. By chance I ended this task with having two additional ZX Spectrum +; one came even with a caring glue and duct tape attached ZX Interface 1. I’ll call those siblings of my ZX Spectrum „Paul“ and „Linda“ respectively. Both are Issue 6A board revisions. While Paul is a real ZX Spectrum + Linda features a ZX Spectrum + Upgrade case (read: no serial number attached but the word „Upgrade“).

One after another I connected the computers to my display device and switched them on – and both came up just nicely! Wow, that was long time ago since I saw a working, colourful and beeping ZX Spectrum! Nice!

Linda care

Afterwards I freed Linda from it’s ZX Interface 1. I assume someone did not know that a ZX Interface 1 is fixed with two screws to the computers case and ripped it off with pure force. This broke the ZX Interface 1 housing at some spots – the inner interface board and connectors seemed not to be affected.

Further it turned out Linda’s keyboard membrane was pretty worn – not much better than that in my Issue 2 ZX Spectrum. Luckily nowadays it is easily possible to get replacement membranes or even real upgrades to the shady Sinclair membrane design. I picked up one of the ready-to-use 48P-KDLX replacements PCB which feature real tactile switches. Now Linda clicks and beeps.

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