And finally…

…it comes to full circle

In 2017 I learned about the Kickstarter Project for a brand new Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Now – roughly – three years later it’s here. It’s the second time in my life when a new Sinclair ZX Spectrum enters my realm. The first one on the 28.12.1983 (left) and the second one on 26.02.2020 (right). So here it is, a shiny new Sinclair ZX Spectrum Next Welcome!

The Kickstarter project indeed „kickstarted“ my own journey back into my personal computing history.
Starting from there on I had and still have a lot of fun while exploring all my old (and some new!) hard- and software products for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. I wrote „Let the journey begin…“ and I’m glad that this journey has not come to an end, yet. The opposite is true: it’s more or less to new beginning. 🙂


Of course here are some inevitable photos from unpacking my Sinclair ZX Spectrum Next system. The next tasks after unpacking were in-plugging and updating the Next’s system software. And – of course – updating my own System Gallery.

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