Amiga C Manual

This is the PDF version of Anders Bjerin’s excellent „ACM – Amiga C Manual„. I assembled the original text files and example sources into two books.

Book One consists of all 15 chapters of the parts I – III, Book Two holds part IV – the complete appendices including all example source codes from part I – III. Both books are composed into two nicely print- and browsable PDF documents. Only the additonal example source codes (see chapter H of Book Two) are included in this archive for convenience.

I think Anders marvellous work is some kind of „mini RKRM“ – it is a really nice and comprehensive starting point in Amiga C programming, regardless of the underlying OS platform (AmigaOS, MorphOS, AROS).

From Anders original readme:


		The complete boiled-down C manual for the Amiga which
		describes how to open and work with Screens, Windows,
		Graphics, Gadgets, Requesters, Alerts, Menus, IDCMP,
		Sprites, VSprites, AmigaDOS, Low Level Graphics Routines,
		Hints and Tips, etc.  The manual also explains how to use
		your C Compiler and gives you important information about
		how the Amiga works and how your programs should be designed.
		The manual consists of 15 chapters together with more than
		100 fully executable examples with source code.
		Author:  Anders Bjerin


„Thanks!“ goes to Anders Bjerin for ACM and to Simon „Rigo“ Archer for pointing out this work.


Here or from Aminet. The original ACM including *all* source code examples can be downloaded from Aminet.