Tools Menu and Hotkey Editor (T.H.E.)

There are various tools in the wild that let you edit and configure the tools menu of your AmigaOS Workbench. Since OS release 3.5 the Workbench has a comprehensive ARexx port that can be used to build up and alter your own menu entries (incl. submenus) or to attach Workbench commands to any key you like (aka Hotkeys).

Nils Görs developed one of this above mentioned tools with the help of ARexx and the marvellous AWNPipe by William Parker. Nils‘ last semi-public version 2.0 was classified as an alpha release and had indeed some bugs that at least led to crashes with AmigaOS 4.1.

I used this version 2.0alpha since years with my AmigaOS 3.9 systems and missed its functionality on my AmigaOS 4.1 environments. So I decided to take a look at T.H.E. and eventually new versions – which now run without crashing on OS4.1 – came up.


• Big thanks to Nils Görs and his T.H.E. and – of course – William Parker for the AWNPipe.
• Thanks to Christoph Gutjahr for allowing me to include his lastest public SortIcons.rexx and Olivier Fabre for his additonal helper script.
• Used software: CubicIDE, CygnusED, SimpleCat, ArtEffect4, IconEditor.


0.1 – 2.0 (19. January 2000)
• All the hard work done by Nils Görs.

2.1 (11. November 2012)
• Release of an updated and bugfixed version based on Nils Görs last 2.0 alpha release.
• New german and english catalogs, new german and english AmigaGuides.

2.2 (24. December 2012)
• version tests reworked.
• wrong strings corrected.
• path to script now controlled via environment variable.
• new Installer script, installation package optimized.
• all catalogs updated to v2, guides adapted.
• new license (GPL v3).


Here, Aminet or from OS4Depot.