QRule snapshotOriginal program from Konstantin Gantsov, for more information look here at Qt-Apps.org. QRule is a tool for measuring the size, in pixels, of items on the screen. This is the AmigaOS port, my first attempt of a Qt application.

• Changed font to DejaVu Sans, adapted font sizes and draw areas.
• Corrected wrong version string and typos.
• Changed window dimension handling.
• Added stack cookie (thanks, spotUP!).
• Created AmigaOS Glowicon set and pointer graphics.

Have fun!


• Thanks to Konstantin Gantsov for this little tool and sharing it’s source under GPL.
• Alfkil, you did the incredible, thanks for porting Qt!
• Used software (code): QDevelop, Assistant, StormC5ED; (graphics): IconEditor, ArtEffect.


0.5 (09. August 2013)
• initial release of AmigaOS port.

0.5b (10. August 2013)
• rebuild without libfreetype.so.16 dependence.


Here or from OS4Depot.