POV-Ray Frontend


This was my first attempt to develop a GUI driven ARexx script/program. Main trigger was the publication of the „apig.library“, which is a wrapper for GUI and graphics functions of the AmigaOS for ARexx. Later on a lot more of similar libraries with much more convinient and more straightforward handling were published (i.e. TritonRexx, rxMUI, …).

What is it for?

This is a frontend GUI for the POV-Ray raytracer version 2 [Aminet: gfx/3d/povray881] – it might work with higher versions of POV-Ray, but it is not tested. The main purpose of this frontend is to make it easier to use all these unix-ified, cryptic command line switches of POV-Ray.

What else?

While in 2010 this sort of software is outdated, it might nevertheless be an example for those who like to make some fancy GadTools GUI with/for their ARexx scripts. Sorry, all texts (comments, guide) are still in German, but it should be rather easy to extract all needed information.


You need of course the apig.library [Aminet: util/rexx/APIG] in your LIBS: drawer and the POV-Ray executables [Aminet: gfx/3d/povray881] should be in the same directory as PRFE.


Here or from Aminet.