Icons 2011

This is the fourth release of new and re-worked icons fitting to the official OS4.1 Update 1 look (64×64 pixel 32Bit).
This year’s outcome of icon work is rather small compared to 2010 – but this icons are what I’ve done, so I’ll like to share them before 2011 ends. 🙂

Included are new

• def_icons (def_ruby, …),
• drawer icons (MUIOWB, …),
• single application icons (MEncoder, NetworkSnoop, Next, …),
• full package icon sets (Aglet Modula-2, GlobalTrash, …),
• some games drawer and executable icons (The Clou, Foundation, Flare, …),
• and a little bonus: a new TuneNet dock skin based on Martin ‚mason‘ Merz‘ „Template_Docky“ imagery.


• Big thanks to Martin ‚mason‘ Merz, whose great art work apparently furnished as „raw material“ for my icons.
• To many to mention free sources for (icon) artwork, often derived from Linux desktop environments.
• Thanks goes to PEB and his IconEditor.
• Other used software: ArtEffect4, Photogenics5.


1.0 (22. December 2011)
• initial release.


Here, AmigaLook or from OS4Depot.