CuteReport snapshotCuteReport is a free report solutiontable calculator. Original from Alexander Mikhalov, for more information look here at or CuteReport homepage. This is the AmigaOS port, following parts were changed or adapted:

• Uses „cutereport:“ assign, just use start script to run CuteReport.
• Made some casts and corrections in sources.
• Introducing „Manually supported build process®“ due to problems with „ln“ and AmigaOS filesystems incompabilities.
• Solved compiler warnings in various places (newlines, missing initializations, wrong initialization orders).
• Added stack cookie, changed font size handling.
• Created AmigaOS Glowicon set.

Have a nice report!

Known Bugs

• Occasionally exits with unfreed signal (seems to be a QT problem).
• Occasionally Propertyeditor (flag window) leads to GrimReaper.


• Thanks to Alexander Mikhalov for this tool and sharing it’s source under GPL.
• Alfkil, you did the incredible, thanks for porting Qt!
• Used software (code): Edyuk, Assistant, StormC5ED, CubicIDE; (graphics): IconEditor, ArtEffect.


0.6 (11. August 2013)
• initial AmigaOS port.

0.7 (15. September 2013)
• (internal) port of latest version, changes:
– fixed bug with tab panel if „icon“ tab style choosen;
– CuteReport Designer messages implemented;
– Overlay Band has been added. It can be used for foreground, background, watermarks.
– StorageInterface improved and simplified;
– Preview for forms, images, reports implemented for storage dialogs;
– FormEditor: form loading improved;
– Page: bringForward, bringBackward buttons added;
– item geometry information added to status bar;
– item placing logic fixed: items can’t be placed outside bands, band can’t be placed on item, only LayoutFree bands can be placed outside page borders.
– Bug connecting to remote database fixed;
– WaterMark example added;
– FormEditor: template loading fixed;
– ResourceStorage: a lot of improvements;
– screencasts added;

0.8 (04. October 2013)
• port of latest version, changes:
– Preview widget improved for support option flags;
– StorageDialog improved to support choosing storage type selection;
– Page background color has been added;
– A lot of look & feel improvements;
– Page: inch predefined formats recognition fixed;
– Supporting of aggregate functions improved, function result value precision has been added;
– Renaming object by double click on tabBar implemented for DatasetEditor, PageEditor, ReportEditor;
– Designer::ReportEditor will switch to already opened report if it’s open and user try to load it again;
– While save report, dialog highlights current file name if it exists;
– PageInterface, ItemInterface meassure unit fixes and improvements;
– Page: error saving with meassure unit different from mm fixed;
– Saving files issue has fixed;
– ReportCore refactored;
– Error notification improved: animated button in status bar with ability to see all messages when clicked;
– StrStorageDialog fixes;
– Support of global report variables added. They can be set by custom application and/or edited in Designer::Report tab;
– Report dirtiness flag implemented;
– Confirmation dialog while report closing has added;
– SQL dataset fixes;
– Appearance of items toolBox fixed;
– If appropriate plugin not found while report loading, dummy item or dummy band will be shown and report set to invalid state (read only mode);
– Export: plugin interface implemented, PDF plugin has added, Designer Preview has button „export“ now;
– StorageDialog file extension autocomplete implemented;
– Memo Item: simple helper;


Here or from OS4Depot.

In the meantime Alexander linked the OS4Depot package to his original project sites (SourceForge, CuteReport and, thank you very much!