Amiga Samba Idiot’s Guide

The famous online guide for installing Samba and smbfs on AmigaOS systems were offline for some time now. With the release of Windows Vista and Windows 7 or MacOS X incarnations after the „Lion“ release one might think that the old Samba and smbfs versions aren’t useful anymore. Nevertheless every now and then users asked where this guide can be found – it’s still useful for connectiong Amigas, Linux machines or other „outdated“, legacy systems (like RiscOS) with each other.

In February 2012 Richard ‚djrikki‘ Lake took over the original english guides from Michael ‚Mickey_C‘ Carillo and re-published them here:

Amiga Samba Idiot’s Guide

Beneath the english original guide there existed a german translation of the AmigaOS 4 related part (done by Alex ‚IamSONIC‘ R.). Since today this can be found here:

Amiga Samba Idiot’s Guide (Deutsch)

Happy networking!


1.5 (01. September 2010)
• last german version at Mickey_C’s site.

1.51 (25. February 2012)
• migrated to WordPress.
• fine-tuned grammar, spelling and punctuation, correction of some minor errors in regard of content.