AISSview is a viewer for Martin ‚mason‘ Merz toolbar images (AISS). This version of AISSview needs AISS 4.12 to be installed. With no or older versions of AISS it is still usable for the creation of new toolbar buttons in USER MODE (see TOOLTYPEs).


Introduced with 0.18 is the new TOOLTYPE value MODE, which can be set to USER or VIEW. The VIEW mode starts AISSview in the usual viewer mode, the USER mode starts directly into the „create user button“ mode. The TOOLTYPE for PORTNAME is not used atm.

CLI argument template

All TOOLTYPE arguments can now be set by starting through CLI as well:


For further information please refer to Dave Norris‘ original readme. The archive name is intentionally ‚AISSviewer‘, so Daves original archive remains untouched. The source code for AISSview 0.20 is uploaded separately.


• Big thanks to Dave Norris for placing AISSview and its source code into the public domain.
• Martin ‚mason‘ Merz for the new AISSview icon set, for AISS itself and useful hints (which might lead to a complete new program in the future).
• Simon, Roman, Chris and some more who assisted my newbie approaches to the AISSview sources.
• Used software: CodeBench, Cubic IDE, CygnusED, SDKBrowser.


0.15 (01.01.2009)
• initial release by Dave Norris.

0.16 (10.04.2011)
• shows complete AISS 4.11 image sets incl. the new #?_h images (_h_ilighted state, i.e. for mouse-over operations).
• compiled with latest SDK (clib2).
• adapted to handle image names with more than one underscore ‚_‘.
• check for AISS assign fixed – should work with AmigaOS4.1 Update 1 and upwards now.
• fixes for accessing own program icon.
• some source clean-up for easier maintenance (i.e. path names).

0.17 (18.04.2011)
• compiled against newlib (finally!).
• re-factoring due to clash with standard newlib includes.
• fixed image name errors.
• adapted and corrected tool tips.
• some more code clean-up.

0.18 (15.05.2011)
• additional TOOLTYPE values, startup in USER or VIEW mode implemented.
• implemented argument template parsing for CLI startup, all TOOLTYPE values supported.

0.19 (09.09.2011)
• corrected AISS 4.11 version test (old version had wrong AISS 4.10 date and version).

0.20 (23.10.2011)
• celebration of bugfixed virtual gadget (Update 3) and new Codebench release ;-).
• implementation of complete AISS 4.12 image set.


The source code is compiled with:

gcc -o AISSview main.c -lraauto -lauto
strip AISSview


Here or from OS4Depot. The sources are available here or from OS4Depot.