AACU Challenge

Alfkil Thorbjørn Wennermark did the impossible and ported the famous (ex-Trolltech, ex-Nokia, now Digia) C++ cross-platform application and UI framework Qt 4.7 to AmigaOS 4.1. Beneath his own intrinsic motivation this was catalyzed by a bounty from AmigaBounty.org.

After a alpha and (still ongoing) beta-phase he came to the idea that hunting bugs in this vast framework would be easier if some developers would port already known, working applications to AmigaOS 4.1/Qt 4.7. Further this would be the first steps into a wide area of cross-platform applications. So the „AACU Challenge“ (Acute And Completely Unsensible Challenge) was born. After some weeks a final decision were made by the AACU commitee and the community poll:

AACU result snippet

1st prize: zzd10h
One fully equipped MiniMig
2nd prize: spotUP
Competition PRO USB + a special prize ;)
3rd prize: Chris Young
Competition PRO USB Joystick
4th prize: cha05e90
AmigaOne coffee mug

To my own surprise, I won the 4th prize! Thanks to all involved developers and beta testers and congratulations to zzd10h, spotUP, Chris, great work! And here’s my prize (it transformed from an AmigaOne to a AmigaFuture mug, featuring true Boing Cubes :-)):

The prize: AmigaFuture Coffee Mug
The prize: AmigaFuture Coffee Mug in it’s natural environment.